Insane experience with

l am sharing the experience l am having, with Ecodissident’s former provider
They completely failed-- went down in flames-- on every level from service provision to customer support. It was actually customer abuse.
Wow. And hmm.

l actually think they’re trying to repel customers so they can completely convert to bitcoin mining. It’s all done with pretty obvious trolling and social engineering tactics.
l also do not expect to get the refund with any expediency.

Big, long screenshot of support exchange here:

Twitter conversation:

I’ve used 1984 since June 2011 and I’ve never really had any problems.

To be honest @bdb I think this exchange of messages (and the fact you’ve bothered to post it here, and then gone to the additional trouble of emailing me - and I assume others too - as a fellow 1984 customer to point me at this post) reflects more badly on you than it does them.

Hi @jdaviescoates, I expect you will have received a email from this Discourse forum and not an email direct from @bdb?

I’ve a lot on today already but I’ll try and get this forum re-configured as suggested in this thread and when that has been done I’ll probably put this thread into a private, Webarchitects members only category.

Nope, I actually did receive a direct unsolicited email from @bdb directing me to this thread.