Statement on corporate email dominance

As some of you are no doubt aware we have been having on going issues with delivering email to people who use Microsoft / Outlook email services, their servers often accept email from us, saying it will be delivered, and then it vanishes with no trace.

There is some help guidance on email deliverability on our wiki and unless there are any objections I suggest we add our support to this draft statement from May First on this issue.


This seems to be worryingly common these days. My company uses Outlook, and some of us recently signed up to speak at an open source conference (which presumably use their own mail servers) and… we had to resort to using our personal emails to register, because otherwise the confirmation email just disappeared somewhere.

Indeed, with the growing dominance of the Internet by a few global corporations this is concern, some of our clients have had a lot of problems with sending email to users of Office365, we have some notes on the wiki regarding this.

Hi, this very topic is one of the reasons we have joined this co-op. We currently host around 200 mailboxes on a Hosted Exchange platform and another 100 on other services. To be clear these are NOT office 365 mailboxes. Unfortunately our suppliers of these services are increasingly pushing us to take on Office 365 mailboxes and I want to avoid this as long as possible. We hope to add socially responsible mail hosting to our service catalogue and educate customers away from large corporations. Has anyone else here had good experience at educating non technical users away from well known platforms and how did you do it?

That is a tough one, unless people really want to use something other than Office 365 or G Suite for reasons of ethics, privacy, autonomy or some other important reason then it is probably going to be task akin to rolling a boulder up a hill…

The SOGo webmail interface that Mailcow provides is very nice and when the DNS is configured for autoconfig and autodiscovery then local email client configuration should be painless and more-or-less automatic, see the client configuration section of the Mailcow documentation.

We picked Mailcow for our mail service a few years ago after evaluating all the other options projects and we don’t have any regrets, we do have a support contact with Servercow, more out of solidarity and wanting to support the project than for any ongoing issues, we have had a positive experience working with the developers (I have raised a few issues with the project over the last few years).