Webarchitects and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the nature of our work we haven’t had a massive direct impact from the lockdown compared to other co-ops (for example food co-ops which have either shut for the duration or had a massive increase in workload and pressure).

Since the start of the lockdown we haven’t been using our office so the phone isn’t being answered, our contact page has been updated to reflect this.

At the virtual Webarchitects committee meeting today we agreed to postpone the 2020 AGM until after the end of the lockdown and also to hold weekly, short, virtual committee meetings to continue to progress business.

When and if we have any further news to report we will post it to this thread.

If any members have any questions or suggestions please post feel free to raise them here.

I hope everybody is coping as well as can be expected in these difficult times.

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Thank you for keeping us updated! FWIW everything has been as smooth as before on the receiving end; glad everyone is keeping safe and still being productive

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Bearing in mind the phone is not being answered, do you have any stats on number of missed inbound calls and do you think this has had a negative impact for any stakeholder?

With my business to business hat on I would be asking my customers if they had considered an IP based phone line so it could ring in any location. I guess it would be a more attractive alternative to customers that just want to get hold of a human.

Welcome to our co-op! I’ll follow up on your other posts when I have a moment.

We had office line re-routed to my home landline after posting the above, the main contact page was updated but I forgot to mention that here.

I was only asking as we have good experience of one particular IP phone provider. Not cheap, and unfortunately not open source, but feature rich. I am happy you have a solution that works.

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