Co-operative of the Year, anyone?

Co-ops UK’s 2019 Co-operative of the Year Awards are at the shortlist stage: it’s here:

Webarchitects is a member; we can vote. Would anyone like to suggest which we should vote for?

The awards will be presented at Co-op Congress on Friday 21 June

If we only cast one vote it would have to be for Outlandish as the Inspiring Co-operative of the Year due to CoTech, the projects we have worked on for them and for them getting us started using Ansible and GitLab.

I’d also suggest considering Jonathan Atkinson as the Co-operator of the Year 2019 as I believe we host at leat one site for him and he is an active member of the Carbon Co-op, which I’m a member of and I think the co-op is doing a really hard, important and essential job.

Another Co-operator of the Year 2019 we could consider casting a vote for it Lorraine Power as she is from Leeds Bread Coop and they are members of our co-op and we host services for them for them and their bread is great, they provided a lot for the Workers Co-op Weekend this year and it was fantastic.

@Jonathan the clock is running down on this one: