Could we host a CoTech gathering in Sheffield?


There was a feeling at the CoTech hack last week in London that having the next event further up North would be good and also that it should take place sooner rather than later in 2019 — could we host an event in Sheffield in the spring?

A Thursday and Friday, with the party on the Friday night appears to be the consensus for the format with people staying at people houses or cheap Air B&B or hotels and eating out — not a huge amount of central logistics needed.

My initial though was, could we hire the Abbeydale Picture House for the two days? There are plenty of cheap places to eat and no doubt accommodation…


This is an exciting idea to maintain momentum - I’d be there…
Saving ourselves for the party on the Friday might increase the productivity of some of us (me) on the Friday!


alternate venue…

DINA cambridge street; very central and easy to access


I’ve made informal enquiries about price of hiring DINA or Old Cinema in Sheffield … more news soon. Any more ideas of venues?


If there was only 30/40ish people then AccessSpace plus the upstairs room at the Rutland Arms would be an affordable option.