New member introductions

Hi, invites for this forums have been sent out today, if you are a member of Webarchitects and haven’t got one please email to ask about getting whitelisted.

I’m Chris, one of the founders of Webarchitects and I hope that this discussion site will become a useful place where we can support and learn from each others projects.

Feel free to post a follow up comment to say hi!

Many thanks for setting this up @chris. I just wanted to check whether posts here are publicly visible, or only accessible to logged in users?

Everything is public by default, if needs be we could look at creating some private categories. If you need a private thread you can message someone here. Is that OK?

That’s fine. I think it’s important to be clear about visibility of content.

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Hi all,
Kat here from Solidarity Economy Association, we’re a multi-stakeholder co-op based in Oxford. More about us here -
Thanks for setting this up @chris! :slight_smile:


Hi, Austen here from Co-operative Assistance Network Limited.


Hi, I’m happy to be part of the coop via

Three Acres And A Cow -


Land Justice Network -


Glad to be part of this forum, an excellent idea,


Great to meet you all here, and to learn that you too are Webarchitects customers and members. I’m Graham. I’m with, also a co-founder of, and very happy to have been elected to be a member of the Webarchitects management committee at the recent AGM. One of the things I’m most interested in with my Webarchitects hat on is to learn more about other members of the co-op, find out what you like about working with Webarchitects and what you think we should be doing more of. Feel free to comment here, or you can send me a private message if you’d rather.

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Hello! I’m very to happy to have found my way here :slight_smile:

I’m a (quite new) member of symbiosis and I’m located in NYC.

I’ve joined Webarchitects with three main aims:

  1. Personal: To move my network computing into the cooperative economy and hopefully make it work towards fostering and strengthening a solidarity economy.
  2. Social/political: To learn from those with more experience in these areas, so I can help foster similar efforts in my local area.
  3. Organizational: To serve as one edge connecting the organizational efforts of the Symbiosis network with aligned efforts internationally and (especially) internetedly :wink:
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Hi folks, Luke here from Aptivate.

Proud WebArchs member and chief Aptivate -> WebArchs support query annoyance person :slight_smile:

Happy you got a forum going!

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Hi all, I’m John, and my “main” co-op is Greencity in Glasgiow - one of the wholefood wholesalers from the 70s:

I’m here because I want to get my Github projects migrated to somewhere more co-op friendly, and because I think the non-tech co-ops need to start taking tech more seriously. I met Chris and Graham at the 2018 worker co-op weekend and things since then seem to have led inevitably in this direction!

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Hi all, I’m Greg (aka freephile) from Boston, MA. I’m founder of eQuality Technology, LLC where we specialize in complete white-glove development, service, hosting and DevOps for MediaWiki. In other words: MediaWiki As A Service. The project is called QualityBox. We’re using Ansible for deployment. The project is licensed AGPL for freedom. You can check us out at and

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Hello I’m Jonathan, I do the Membership Secretary role for Webarchitects (part time). Just posting here to say hello.
I noticed that this forum hasn’t been used for a good while. It’s a Discourse Member Discussion Forum for all members of Webarchitects co-operative. If you’re reading this, that probably includes you (!) and if you want to discuss co-op matters or just general chat with other members, you are welcome to reply, and start new threads for discussion.
Best wishes,

Hi, I just wanted to say hello. We’re a brand new member from Norwich and we hope to offer more socially responsible services to our customers in the very near future. I have personally been doing IT support since the late 1990’s and our business supports around 250 endpoints. We hope to have some or all of these systems leveraging services that are not provided by large US corporates. Wish us luck!

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