The Online Meeting Co-operative

Webarchitects have been involved discussions about setting up a co-operative of co-operatives to co-operate on the setting up and maintenance of a BigBlueButton server in order to provide an open source co-operative alternative to Zoom, the other two co-ops formally involved at this stage are:

Today we agreed a name for the new co-operative, The Online Meeting Co-operative and we have registered the domain name.

I should have some more news about this soon in terms of how other can get involved, what help is needed and when we hope to have a service up and running but wanted to share the initial progress so far here first.

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There is now an initial website online:

The only page with content is the About page, this is worth a read for anyone who is interested.

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The project seems to be taking off, it now has a wiki and it’s own Discourse forum that we are hosting:

The Online Meeting Co-operative decided today to host the first server with Koumbit co-operative in Montreal, Canada :slight_smile:

Last night I deployed an open BigBlueButton server for people to use to give BigBlueButton a try:

Free free to create an account there and have a play with it.

I created an account late last night and had a play around - worked first time even on my iPad. This morning I also checked it out on my PC (Firefox) and it checks our fine. I would like to see if we or our customers can make use of it, so it’s thumbs up from us.

Thanks for the feedback! The server is a lot lower specification than the one that will be going live next week for Open 2020.