Trial run for the funding the Co-operative Technologists Network


Following the last CoTech gathering in London there is a proposal to:

To establish an internal money-time fund, a one-year pilot project.

£1 a week or an hour of work each month per member. You can contribute more money or/and work voluntarily.

Each co-op contributes on behalf of its members.

Unless there are objections here or at our next committee meeting I’ll cast a vote in favour — it is a good idea and we host and maintain a fair amount of infrastructure for CoTech for which we are not paid (a Discourse server, a Nextcloud server and the wiki and the web site and development version of the web site, the survey site, the contact email list, the email aliases and we also are the legal owners and have paid for the domain name, — if there are some CoTech funds perhaps some of them can be used towards these things. Of course there are many other co-ops in the network who have contributed large amounts of time and money, we are not an exception in this regard.